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NEWS! (Archive)


BOOKED commercial for well respected acting school.

BOOKED role in feature film with "A-list" talent.

SHOWS with team Tender Places at iO West.



WON Alan Bailey Award of Excellence in Film at Noirmare's festival debut!

BOOKED CBS showcase in collaboration with Native Voices.

BOOKED lead role in shoot for CBS Director Initiative.

Noirmare screens at Action on Film festival!

Interviewed by Team Awesome Media.

BOOKED commercial with director Action Lee.

BOOKED staged reading with the East West Players. Playing a Cree girl who grows

     rebellious in her teens and twenties.

SHOWS with team Tender Places at iO West.


JULY 2013

New pics!

BOOKED continuing web series workshop with SQS Productions.

BOOKED music video for Slow Motion Celebrity.

SHOWS with team Tender Places on the iO West Mainstage.

BOOKED short film playing an oblivious object of affection.


JUNE 2013

BOOKED workshop for web series in development with SQS Productions.

SHOWS with team Tender Places at iO West.


MAY 2013


APPEARING again as "Karen" on General Hospital!

SHOWS with team Tender Places on iO West Mainstage.

Interviewed for So Dream Something podcast.


APRIL 2013


NOW SIGNED with Across the Board Talent!!!

Noirmare headed to Action on Film!


MARCH 2013


BOOKED costar on The Bold and the Beautiful!

PUT ON AVAIL for Criminal Minds!

Promoted to Ivana Chubbuck's Master Class.

Episode of Miss Casting released.  Playing titular guest star role, "The Virgin."




Episode of So Inapprops released.  (Clip here.)

Performing with team Tender Places at iO West!

New pics!




In advanced commercial classes with Judy Kain and Francene Selkirk!

Now in the graduate level at iO West.




CALLED IN for The Mentalist!

Happy Holidays!!




BOOKED guest star in webseries So Inapprops, playing a quirky counterperson

   with an unhealthy relationship to cake.

Noirmare Episode 3 released!  Look out for Schmo, Flo's bubbleheaded little sister

    ... or am I?

Studying with Ivana Chubbuck!




BOOKED lead in film with Beverly Holloway Casting!  Playing a damsel in distress

    who falls in love with her rescuer then rescues him - with stunts!

Next air date for General Hospital November 1st!

Episode 2 of Noirmare is released!! Stay tuned for Episode 3...

SHOWS at iO West on October 14th and 21st at 7pm!




SHOWS at iO West on September 9th and 30th at 7pm!

Episode 1 of Noirmare is released!! Stay tuned...

Headed back to General Hospital.




CALLED IN by Dorian Frankel for a recurring guest star on Battleground!

Level 5 SHOW at iO West!

Work resumes on Apocalypse Wow.



Return appearances on General Hospital.

FILMED roles in Friended to Death and Rapare.

Interviewed by NUVO TV/NBC.

Noirmare finishes filming and enters post!


MAY 2012


BOOKED lead in short film Rapare, with Liz Lewis Casting!

BOOKED a role in feature film Death By Facebook!

BOOKED a staged reading at Write Act Repertory.

Taking classes at iO West and with numerous commercial and theatrical casting directors.

Noirmare short filming this month.


APRIL 2012

Now recurring on General Hospital!!!  Next air date May 21st.


MARCH 2012


Shoot dates set for Noirmare filming!

Taking classes at the Margie Haber studio, iO West and with numerous commercial and theatrical casting directors (phew!).

Apocalypse Wow pilot taking shape.



CAST as understudy to lead role of Jo in boom at the Long Beach Playhouse.

Moving on to next level of classes at iO West.



Signed commercially with The Gage Group!!

In classes at iO West.




BOOKED lead in upcoming web short.

Feature film Neshima officially wraps - offered role in next film!




Reviews are in for Alive Theatre's Long Beach Poppin' Play Festival! Click here.




Alive Theatre's Long Beach Poppin' Play Festival OPENS!

SHOOTING feature film Neshima. 

CALLED IN by Morman/Boling following a workshop with Meg and Sunny!



Signed with Phil Brock of Studio Talent Group!!!




BOOKED lead role in Alive Theatre's Long Beach Poppin' Play Festival!

Rehearsals begin for feature film Neshima.  Playing "Uma," a conflicted huntress.

Taking classes at iO West, with GH's Mark Teschner and with LA On Camera Training Center.


JULY 2011


BOOKED role in a feature film, playing conflicted huntress "Uma"!

BOOKED role in a long-running North Hollywood play.

Under consideration for an upcoming feature by an established director after he saw me in a workshop!


JUNE 2011


SIGNED with TAG Models/Pantheon for commercials and print!

BOOKED lead in new webseries, now in preproduction.


MAY 2011


BOOKED in the debut of critically acclaimed writer Tom Cudworth's provocative new play and TCT West's first LA production at the Elephant Stages' Lillian Theatre!


APRIL 2011


BOOKED lead role in short film entitled Sometimes We Find Our Way shooting this fall.

Entropy General opens in Long Beach to an enthusiastic reception!




BOOKED role of Young Crying Mother in surreal sci-fi feature The Vanquisher.

BOOKED role of Opal in popular webseries Penelope's Pantyhose.

BOOKED lead role in new play at Write Act Repertory.



NewFilmmakers NY screens feature film Impotent at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC. Played role of Maggie, Mike's not-so-understanding girlfriend.

The Common Tongue OPENS Connect Five at The Ars Nova Building in NYC.




STARRING in one-act monologue at The Long Beach Playhouse.




Signed commercially with Bobby Ball Agency!




BOOKED costar on General Hospital, airing October 21st-22nd.

BOOKED costar in webseries Easy Way Out with Cross the Line Films.

BOOKED printwork with Seth Joel Photography.

"The Elephant" closes after a successful four-week run. Reviews here and here.




Now SAG!!

GREAT REVIEW of "The Elephant"! Reviewer writes, "Kane is fantastic here, earning both big laughs and little awwwws..."


"The Elephant" OPENS.

BOOKED webseries DangerMan, the Urban Superhero, playing the hapless victim of brutal thugs.


JULY 2010

Lucy Thurber and Wendy MacLeod sign on as part of The Common Tongue's production, Connect Five!!


JUNE 2010


BOOKED title character in "The Elephant" in the Alive Theatre's Long Beach Poppin' Play Festival. Playing a sweet, intelligent, young female who's been separated from her family.

BOOKED webseries entitled Deathcouch Wishes.


MAY 2010


A Hell of a Mess closes after a successful four-week run. For press click here and here.

BOOKED lead role in short film Cardboard, playing Mira, a deaf homeless girl who forms an unlikely friendship.


APRIL 2010


BOOKED a lead in a music video, playing a modern Pocahontas.

BOOKED guest star in comedy webseries Casting About, playing The Virgin, a clueless innocent.

BOOKED new webseries entitled Dreamers Working 9-5. Playing lead role of Kyle, a sweet, naive actress.

BOOKED video game promo as Vixen, a dynamic racecar driver who talks tough because she's just that good.

A Hell of a Mess OPENS on April 15.


MARCH 2010


Seven Deadly Sins OPENS at The Next Stage in Hollywood, CA.

BOOKED lead in A Hell of a Mess by Ionesco with the Alive Theatre. Playing a girl who quickly becomes the fiancee of The Character and changes his life (or tries to).

COMPLETED short film Off the Rim. playing lead role of Sara.




BOOKED Seven Deadly Sins at The Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood, CA.  Playing Angel, “the Perfect Woman.”

BOOKED recurring guest star in webseries The Institute.


No rest for the wicked...

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