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Reviewed for the role of Anna in Nicky!

"Nicky’s wife Anna (Shawn Kathryn Kane) captivates audiences in a different manner. Unlike Nicky’s she is longing to rise but is constantly being pulled down by her illness and Nicky’s dismissals—Kane is completely vulnerable on stage garnering the deepest sympathy from the audience." Entire article here.

- Tin Pan L.A.

Interviewed by The Los Angeles Times!


"Pro-Ana," conceived, written by and starring Shawn Kathryn Kane, is an unsettling glimpse into the world of body dysmorphia and the subculture that encourages and enables eating disorders. Kane says she decided to write about the issue after a friend started a social media campaign highlighting support for recovery..." Entire article here.

- The Los Angeles Times

Award-winning film PRO-ANA

All press and news about Pro-Ana, the film can be found on

Glowing review for Awake from this Noirmare!

"Its not, of course, the ads that made this little play a delight, but the play itself...A drum-tight, funny script and idiosyncratic acting make these cutout characters and their clever-enough cornball humor work to perfection, and we float along for the airy ride, laughing all the while."


"'Awake from This Noirmare' is the best of the trio of new works that comprise Segment 3 of Alive Theatre's Long Beach Poppin' Play Festival. In a genre so often spoofed that the cliches have cliches, Shawn Kathryn Kane's script is a quick, funny and not-at-all-guilty pleasure."  Entire article here and here.

- Greater Long Beach

Great reviews for "The Elephant"!


"Kane is fantastic here, earning both big laughs and little awwwws for her hopeful and gently disconsolate reactions to being intentionally overlooked by her housemates."  Entire article here.


- Greater Long Beach

"A touching story, wonderfully cast, and directed with gleeful light-handedness."  Entire article here.

- What the Butler Saw

Positive press for A Hell of a Mess


"As always, this Alive production boasts an excellent cast. But the payoff this time 'round is higher than usual." 

- Greater Long Beach


Great review for Machinal!


"The direction is superb for an off-off-Broadway production. The stand outs included...Shawn Kathryn Kane."

- Hi! Drama, TV Broadcast

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